with Eva Brzeski

In-Person & Live-Streamed

Saturday, August 28th
10am - 1pm

Available as a recorded video for 48 hours after the live event.

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Everyone wants good relationships with others. No one wants to feel frustrated and annoyed with family, friends and co-workers all the time. But all too often, we may find ourselves struggling in our relationships with others. In this course we will learn:

-Why we often have difficulties in our relationships
-The difference between love and attachment
-How to bring happiness into our relationships
-The key states of mind we need to develop to create happy relationships

Through practicing the meditations in this course, we can learn to let go of painful minds towards others, and replace them with minds of love, patience and kindness. Everyone is welcome


Session 1 | 10 - 11:15am
Session 2 | 11:45am - 1pm



Free for members! Become a member!

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- with Eva Brzeski

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About the Teacher

Eva Brzeski began studying and practicing Buddhist teachings in2004. She is well-loved for her sincerity and warmth, and she shows the joy of living a spiritual life.



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