Group Prayers

In general, prayers made by an assembly of many practitioners are very powerful and cannot be compared to the prayers of one or two people. The scriptures give the analogy of a broom. If we try to clean a floor with a few bristles we shall make little progress, but if we gather many bristles to make a broom we shall be successful.

- Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Heart Jewel

Heart Jewel puja is a beautiful prayer practice designed to help us overcome obstacles and difficulties on the spiritual path by developing compassion, wisdom and spiritual strength. It is the core practice of Kadampa Buddhism that is practiced daily by sincere practitioners.

The first part of this practice is the Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa through which we purify negativity, accumulate merit (or positive energy) and receive blessings.

The second part of Heart Jewel practice is reliance upon the Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden, who assists us in overcoming obstacles to our practice and helps to create favorable conditions so that we can nurture and increase our spiritual realizations.

Everyone is welcome.


1 hour

Tuesdays, 5:30 - 6:30pm - see calendar

Wishfulfilling Jewel

A special practice for developing compassion, wisdom and spiritual strength by relying on the Wisdom Buddha Je Tsongkhapa, and for overcoming obstacles and difficulties on the spiritual path by relying on his Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden.

This practice can include a tsog offering of vegetarian food and drinks. If done at home (streaming) you may make offerings in front of your shrine or imagine them.

An extensive explanation of this sadhana and of Wishfulfilling Jewel can be found in the book Heart Jewel by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.


1 hour

Check the calendar, as the day sometimes changes

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

The special Guru yoga practice of Je Tsongkhapa is done in conjunction with Highest Yoga Tantra and also includes all the essential practices of the stages of the path to enlightenment.

A complete commentary to this practice can be found in the book Great Treasury of Merit by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

This practice includes a tsog offering of vegetarian food and drinks. If done at home (streaming) you may make offerings in front of your shrine or imagine them.

Everyone welcome.

1.5 - 2 hours

Every 10th and 25th of each month. Check calendar for details.

The Bodhisattva's Confession of Moral Downfalls (35 Confession Buddhas)

The practice of making physical and/or mental prostrations to the 35 Confession Buddhas is a sublime and powerful purification practice through which we cleanse the mind of the imprints of previous negative actions and thoughts.

This puja (chanted prayers) is live-streamed and includes a video of the 35 Confession Buddhas.


30 minutes

Thursdays 8:30 - 9am - see calendar

Long Protector Puja (Melodious Drum)

This is a monthly practice of making offerings and requests to the Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden, to remove obstacles and to gather all favorable conditions for our spiritual practice. It is done on the 29th of each month.

This practice includes a tsog offering of vegetarian food and drinks. If done at home (streaming) you may make offerings in front of your shrine or imagine them.

Everyone welcome.

3 hours

Held the 29th day of the month. Sometimes Wishfulfilling Jewel w/tsog is done in its place.

Check calendar for details.

Liberation from Sorrow (Buddha Tara prayers)

The 8th of the month is Tara Day. Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas. Tara is one of the principal deities of Kadampa Buddhists.

Tara is our common mother, our Holy Mother. She protects us from immediate dangers, provides us with all our temporal needs, and guides and encourages us in our learning and personal development.

Everyone welcome.

Every 8th of the month

1 hour

Check calendar for details.

Powa Prayers (Prayers for the Deceased)

Powa Ceremony is a beautiful and powerful ritual practice drawn from the Buddhist Tantras. These prayers enable us to benefit the recently deceased by coming together as a group and making prayers and offerings on their behalf.

Through practicing transference of consciousness, known as ‘powa,’ with faith, compassion and concentration, we can transfer the consciousness of those recently deceased to a higher rebirth or to the Pure Land of a Buddha.

The Powa Ceremony can be done either by a group of practitioners or individually on behalf of one or more deceased people. It is traditionally done for those who have died within the previous 49 days.

At KMCSF we hold Powa monthly.

Everyone welcome.  

1 hour

Done monthly - see calendar.

If you wish to add the name of someone you know who has died within the last 49 days you may include it here.

Precepts (A Pure Life)

The practice of taking and keeping the 8 Mahayana precepts is a special practice of moral discipline that is performed with bodhichitta, the compassionate wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

The essence of this practice is taking 8 precepts and keeping them purely for 24 hours. We first need to receive these precepts from a qualified Preceptor and then we can take them on our own as often as we wish.

This practice is motivated by bodhichitta and is thus especially powerful for purifying negativities, accumulating merit (positive energy) and creating the cause for us to attain the unsurpassed happiness of enlightenment.

Everyone welcome.

20 - 30 minutes

Every 15th of each month at 6:30 am.

Check calendar for details.

Blissful Path

The condensed ritual prayer for spiritual attainment that contains the essence of the self-generation practice of Vajrayogini – the female enlightened Deity of Highest Yoga Tantra who is the manifestation of the wisdom of all Buddhas.

To partake in this puja, you must either have the Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment, or the wish to recieve it as soon as you can.

45 Minutes

Sunday's, 3:15 - 4pm

Check calendar for details.