Guru Yoga & Mandala Offering Retreat

Self Guided Retreat

In-Person & Live-Streamed

March 5th & 6th

$20 for the whole retreat
Free for TTP members. $10 for non TTP members Become a member

Guru Yoga and Mandala offering retreat combines two of the four great preliminary guides that we need to practice if we want to gain mahamudra realization – the quick path to enlightenment.

We all wish for spiritual realisations, but these depend upon creating certain inner conditions such as purifying negativity, accumulating merit and receiving blessings.

In this retreat, we will focus on the preliminary practices of accumulating merit and receiving blessings. Making mandala offerings is the gateway to accumulating the collection of merit and attaining an enlightened pure land, and Guru yoga is the gateway to receiving powerful blessings of all the Buddhas of the ten directions through our Spiritual Guide.

There will be four sessions a day, except when there are tsog offering Pujas, and the practice is accomplished within the sadhana Offering to the Spiritual Guide.

Schedule | Sessions are not guided

Saturday, March 5th

Session 1 | 9 - 10:30am

Session 2 | 11:30am - 1pm

Session 3 | 2:30 - 4pm

Session 4 | 4:30 - 6pm

Sunday, March 6th

Session 1 | 9 - 10:30am
(Online only for this session)

Session 2 | 11:30am - 1pm

Session 3 | 2:30 - 4pm

Session 4 | 4:30 - 6pm


$20 for the whole retreat
Free for TTP members
$10 for members

No pre-registration needed, please register at the door.
Masks are required for everyone.

Links to classes will be accessible after registration.

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PLEASE NOTE: These classes are offered for residents of the Bay Area only. Fortunately, there are Kadampa Centers worldwide! Please click here to support the Center nearest you.

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KMC San Francisco
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San Francisco, CA 94110

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Drop in at any time during the series; no need to pre-register. No one turned away for lack of funds.

We are a non-profit organization funded by class fees and donations. Any profits go to the International Temples Project for World Peace.