Drop-in Tuesday night

October | Tuesday Series: Freedom from Finding Fault

Identifying with our own and others’ pure potential develops the wisdom and courage to overcome fault finding and blaming, deepening our love for ourselves and others.

October 3: Wise Thoughts, Wise Actions Eva Brzeski

Learning to spot which thoughts lead to happiness and which lead to misery is the path to equanimity and wisdom. Examining our thoughts in the mirror of Dharma, we come to understand what to abandon and what to practice.

October 10: The Key to Meaningful Relationships, Eva Brzeski

A person is not their faults or delusions. Understanding this, we realize only delusions are to blame for all the faults we perceive in others, and ourselves. Opening our Hearts to everyone’s Pure Potential improves our relationships with all.

October 17, Love is the Real Reality, Gen Kelsang Choma

Delusions are based on a mistaken way of seeing things. Seeing things as they really are makes our delusions naturally disappear so virtuous minds of love and compassion manifest in their place.

October 24, The Pure Potential of Buddha Nature, Gen Kelsang Choma

Buddha compared our Buddha nature to a golden nugget in dirt. No matter how disgusting a person’s delusions may appear, the real nature of their mind remains undefiled like pure gold.

October 31: Movie Night: The Life of Buddha, Part 1 and popcorn, Gen Kelsang Choma