June Tuesday Series | How to Become an Enlightened Being
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June Tuesday Series | How to Become an Enlightened Being

Motivated by compassion, we can develop the spontaneous wish to seek our own Enlightenment. This aspiration is called Bodhichitta—the supreme good heart and profoundly compassionate mind.  Buddhist Tantric technology is a way to fulfill this wish.

June 6: Seeking Our Own Enlightenment

This meditation, known as Bodhichitta, is the very essence of spiritual training and empowers us to realize our vast and full potential. Developing this good heart enables us to perfect our good qualities, solve all our problems, and eventually develop the power to help others.

June 13: Meditating on the Location and Nature of our Own Mind

In Buddha’s teachings, he says; “If you realize your own mind you will become a Buddha; you should not seek Buddhahood elsewhere.” Through meditating on our own mind, we will make swift spiritual progress and directly experience inner peace and joy.

June 20:  Meditating on the Power of our Own Mind

Our mind is the nature of clarity; it has the power to perceive, understand and remember things. Without our mind we are powerless to do anything. Through these special Mahamudra meditations on the mind we are stuck and inspired by the power of our mind.

June 27:  Improving our Concentration in Meditation

Through training in concentration, we can eventually reach the highest state of concentration which is called Tranquil Abiding. With Tranquil Abiding we attain a special bliss of mental suppleness and can gain actual permanent realizations and permanent inner peace - no matter what happens!