Sept 3 | The Magical Practice of Creating Universal Love

Meditations and Prayers for World Peace

Fortified by the Five Forces: Life as a Spiritual Adventure 

Come discover ‘the five forces’ often referred to as the essence of Buddha’s teachings. These practical keys unlock your potential for successful practice and empower you to transform all your daily activities into spiritual growth. Enjoy your meditations even more by deploying these invaluable tools to enrich your practice. Deepen your understanding of how to deploy Buddha’s teachings to solve any problems that arise. 

Sept 3:  The magical practice for creating universal love 

Learning to cherish others eases difficult relationships, allows us to experience a love that is as stable as it is real, and finally finds us lasting peace and contentment. Viewing others as equally important, we cultivate a feeling of love and affection for them. We stop self-obsessing and start equalizing ourselves with others to create harmony and peace inside and out.