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April Tuesday Series: Considering the Welfare of the World

Considering the Welfare of the World

The method for benefiting all living beings is following the Mahayana path by generating the mind that spontaneously wishes to attain Enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.


April 4th | Developing Equanimity

We can develop unbiased love and compassion by freeing our mind from unbalanced attitudes. Our world can be a wonderful place to live if we all learn how to develop equanimity, a warm and friendly feeling towards others.


April 11th | Seeing Kindness

Buddha taught how to relate to others as our kind mothers in order to make it easy for us to develop pure love and compassion for others, develop stable relationships and avoid harming others.

April 18th | Letting go of Self Obsession

Our selfish attitudes cause many problems for ourselves and others. We have this obsessive self-focus problem because our mind perceives and believes in an independent I or me. Buddha’s wisdom teachings help us to recognize, reduce, and finally eliminate this destructive attitude in ourselves.


April 25th | Cherishing Others

When we think deeply that others are important, and that their happiness and freedom are important, we are cherishing others. If we cherish others like this, we will always have good relationships and live in harmony with others, and our daily life will be peaceful and happy.