Why Modern Buddhism?

Modern Buddhism allows us to incorporate the teachings of Buddha into our normal daily lives. No matter how busy your life is, or what activity you are doing, there is always an opportunity to put these teachings into practice.

Everyone is welcome!

These instructions are suitable for anyone at any age, background, or current life situation. You do not have to be Buddhist. If you have a wish to find inner peace, and or develop a good heart, these teachings are for you.

No need to change your lifestyle

Modern Buddhism does not require you to abandon your friends, jobs and families. The teachings help you create peace and joy within your normal daily life.

Great support from an extensive Sangha community

Our center has a great number of practitioners that can help you along your practice. We are also part of a world wide tradition, The New Kadampa Tradition, where you can find many helpful spiritual resources.

An unbroken lineage

Modern Buddhism is a modern presentation of ancient wisdom through an unbroken lineage of Gurus from Buddha Shakyamuni, Atisha and Je Tsongkhapa. Through this lineage, the meaning of the root teachings can remain unchanged through generations, while still relating to how modern people live.