April 14th – 15th

A special fasting and purification practice in conjunction with 1,000-Armed Avalokiteshvara prayer sessions. This practice is very powerful for purifying negative karma and for pacifying strong delusions such as attachment and anger. It is also a special method for receiving blessings and improving our experience of love, compassion and bodhichitta.

Everyone who participates must take Precepts at 7 am both days, either at the Temple, or at home if you’ve received them previously.
On the first day, only one vegetarian meal is eaten around lunchtime. We refrain from intoxicants during the retreat. We should also try to avoid meat, eggs, onion, garlic, and other types of spicy food over each of these two days.
On second day, one can do the same as the previous, with one vegetarian meal at lunch only, or a complete fast—no food and/or water for 24 hours starting with Precepts at 7 am.

Everyone is welcome. Although this is technically an advanced course, beginners are welcome to participate. If you are new to this practice or need more information, contact: epc@meditateinsanfrancisco.org


7 am – 7:45 am | Precepts (Free)
8:15 am – 9:30 am | Session 1
1:30 pm – 2:45 pm | Session 2
3:15 pm – 4:30 pm | Session 3

7 am – 7:45 am | Precepts (Free)
8:15 am – 9:30 am | Session 4
10 am – 11:15 am | Session 5
1:15 pm – 2:30 pm | Session 6


Please register online here or at the door

COST: $20

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SPECIAL EVENT: Nyungnay Fasting and Purification Retreat

WHEN: Apr 14th –15th

COST:  $20

TEACHER: Gen Kelsang Choma


BART: 16th Street Mission

MUNI: 14, 49, 22, 33

Metered street parking or parking garage at 42 Hoff Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Bicycle parking in rear of building