Nyungnay Fasting &
Purification Retreat

Hosted by KMC Los Angeles


Retreat | April 14th & 15th


This special fasting and purification retreat is performed in conjunction with Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha
of Compassion. It is very powerful for purifying negative karma,
pacifying strong delusions, receiving blessings, and increasing our
love, compassion and bodhichitta. In this retreat we make many
effective prayers for all suffering to completely cease.

The April 14th & 15th retreat is free to attend online. To register for the April 6th intro talk and to access the live-streamed links,
click here

If you would like to purchase and pick up the 2 sadhanas used in this retreat, Drop of Essential Nectar & A Pure Life, from our bookstore, please contact Lamden at: admin@meditateinsanfrancisco.org