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Two adjoining houses provide ample room for residents and guests to enjoy a quiet environment conducive to meditation and contemplation.


Living at a Dharma Center is a great way to put Dharma into action. Along with the other residents, you have the opportunity to engage in meditation practice, study modern Buddhism, and do meaningful volunteer work to help keep the Center running.

KMC San Francisco offers residence to suitable candidates who have successfully completed an interview and application process on a space-available basis. Applicants must be enrolled in one of the three Kadampa study programs and complete at least four hours of volunteer work for the Center per week. Residents are responsible for the expense of rent, study programs and other fees, and to follow the rules meant to ensure harmonious living within the community.

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KMC San Francisco offers a unique opportunity to get away from your ordinary routine and to spend time doing private practice, attending weekend retreats and other special events, or simply to quiet your mind.

Private rooms and a qualified meditation room are available and offer guests the chance to rest and relax.

The residences are located in the Mission Terrace District of San Francisco, conveniently located close to public transportation, approximately four miles from Kadampa Meditation Center San Francisco.

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Immerse yourself in a unique opportunity to volunteer on a residential basis, connecting with a vibrant Buddhist community and embracing our way of life.

In exchange for 35 hours of weekly work, you'll enjoy a week of free accommodation, a food allowance, and complimentary drop-in meditation classes (required). Special events are offered at a discount. Plus, you'll have two days off each week to relax, explore San Francisco, or deepen your meditation practice.

Minimum stay requirement is just one week. Depending on your skills and our needs, you can contribute to areas like website development, property maintenance, gardening, or household tasks. Accommodations range from shared rooms to single rooms, subject to availability.

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