International Temples Project (ITP)

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s compassionate intention is embodied in the International Temples Project (ITP), a unique international fund dedicated to public benefit.

Venerable Geshe-la's vision of ITP

When Venerable Geshe Keslang Gyatso Rinpoche opened the first Temple for World Peace at Manjushri Center in 1997, he expressed the wish to develop a modern Buddhist Temple in every major city of the world. To accomplish this and many other purposes, he founded the International Temples Project (ITP).

The scope and activities of the ​ITP are constantly evolving in response to the needs and ever-changing demands of out busy lives. The ITP presently achieves ​its aim through ​developing and ​building traditional and non-traditional temples, meditation and retreat centers, and through the activities of World Peace Cafés and Tharpa Publications.

All profits generated through the activities of the International Temples Project are dedicated to public benefit through the continual development of this fund.

Temples for world peace

Ulverston, United Kingdom

Glen Spey, New York

Cabreúva, Brazil

Sintra, Portugual

Williams, Arizona

Malaga, Spain

Everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy the peace and tranquility these temples provide.