May Sunday Series | Lojong: Dynamic Buddhist Technology for Problem Solving
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May Sunday Series | Lojong: Dynamic Buddhist Technology for Problem Solving

Lojong: Dynamic Buddhist Technology for Problem Solving

We need to transform whatever circumstances we meet, whether good or bad, into the spiritual path by channeling all our actions into favorable directions. This practice is extremely important. If we do this consistently, we will learn to be able to remain calm and peaceful in all circumstances. Come check it out.

MAY 7 Taking Away Suffering Using Meditation with Eva Brzeski

We all feel some compassion at some time or another; this is our Buddha nature. If we gradually extend the scope of our compassion, eventually we will develop spontaneous compassion for all living beings – which is what our world needs so much now.


MAY 14 Choosing Kindness: A Special Mothers Day Talk with Judith Sweet.

From the Buddhist point of view, cherishing others is the best method for establishing peace--peace within our family, our community, our country, and the world--as well as establishing our own inner peace.

One beautiful way to understand and practice cherishing others is to recognize the kindness of others, starting with our parents and extending our view out to others who have helped us. This attitude of loving kindness grows our good heart and in turn nourishes the growth of others' good qualities.

Thus we begin to understand that "we are all interconnected in a web of kindness form which it is impossible to separate ourself." (Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche)

MAY 21 Taking Away Your Own Future Suffering In meditation, we imagine taking on all our future suffering; this helps destroy our own causes of future suffering. We meditate on this feeling of joy for as long as possible

MAY 28 Giving Happiness by Means of Love

Through a special practice of imagination we imagine giving happiness to all living beings. This joyful meditation and giving happiness to others is a supreme method for accumulating merit and increasing our mind of love.