Vajrayogini Self Initiation

Saturday, 1 - 6pm In-person only @ KMC San Francisco

Only for those with Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment or those who have completed a Vajrayogini close retreat.
In this practice we use the sadhana, "Feast of Great Bliss" to renew and strengthen our Tantric vows and commitments and deepen our connection with Vajrayogini.
Those who have not completed a Vajrayogini close retreat but have Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment, are able to engage in some but not all of the practice. Instructions will be provided.
Please bring
- Your own copy of the sadhana "Feast of Great Bliss" (available for purchase in the bookstore or in the back of The New Guide to Dakini Land
- Your own implements


Vajrayogini Self Initiation

WHEN: Saturday, July 9th | 1 - 6pm

COST: Free

WHERE: In-person only | KMC San Francisco | 3324 17th st. San Francisco, CA 94110