Meditate, Eat and Be Happy

Monday Night Drop-in Class
6:30 - 7:45pm
Includes a complimentary light meal 7:15 - 7:45pm

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful.

If our mind is peaceful, we will be free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we will experience true happiness; but if our mind is not peaceful, we will find it very difficult to be happy, even if we are living in the very best conditions.

In this class, we will learn how to meditate, the benefits of meditation, and various meditations that will help to calm the mind, reduce stress, and give rise to an experience of inner peace and wellbeing.


What to expect in this class

  • Prepare for a peaceful week.
  • Learn how meditation can overcome stress and anxiety.
  • Learn how to develop a peaceful, positive outlook.
  • Enjoy a 20 min. guided meditation.
  • Complimentary light vegetarian meal provided after class - 7:15pm - 7:45pm.
  • Everyone welcome. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.


Everyone, regardless of their level of experience or background, can benefit from the classes & courses offered on the General Program. It is a highly accessible program designed to address everyday problems with simple and practical advice that makes sense according to our daily experience.

These classes and courses provide a basic introduction to Buddhist teachings and meditations. Through these we can learn how to use Buddha's advice as a solution to our daily problems. In this way we come to experience a sense of peace and happiness in our lives.

Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend. These classes are suitable for beginners and advanced meditators.



Cost:$15 / person* - Free for members!
*50% discount available for students and seniors 62+. Contact

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In this class, we are looking deeper into the Meditations presented in the Living Meditation Series by Tharpa Publications.

Experience the daily peace that comes from establishing a regular meditation practice.

The Living Meditation Series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation, offering guidance at all levels for developing and deepening your meditation practice. Learn meditations to relax body and mind, find inner peace, achieve mental clarity, and develop a kind and compassionate attitude towards others.

The series includes meditations as audio CDs and downloadable MP3s for your meditation practice.


CURRENT SERIES: Meditate, Eat and Be Happy.

WHEN: Mondays, 6:30-7:15pm ; 7:15pm - 7:45pm: Light Meal

COST: $15, Free for Members

TEACHER: Tomoko Saeki

WHERE: In-person @ KMC SF |  3324 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


Metered street parking (Free after 6pm and all day on Sundays)

Parking garage on 16th & Hoff St. (42 Hoff St, San Francisco, CA 94110)

Bart (16th St. Mission)

J Line Muni (Church St & 16th St)

Bus (#49, #14, #22, #33)

About the Teacher

Tomoko Saeki has been a sincere practitioner of the New Kadampa Tradition for several years. She is a student in the Teacher Training Program Program and teaches General Program classes. Her warmth and kindess towards others is infectious and is well portrayed in her teachings.